About Demand Generator Group

We exist to generate demand for your products or services.

Our work is effective because we get closer to your customers – close enough to understand what they’re thinking, feeling and planning to do.

The tools we use are many and varied, and every campaign we run is based on a strategy that’s purpose-built for the task at hand using intelligence gathered about your customers.

At Demand Generator, it’s not just about preparing a database and clicking a button; we continually watch reactions to our campaigns, so that we can instigate human contact at the optimum moment.

  • Accurate client specific database
  • Existing potential
CRM Database
  • Accurate client specific database
  • Existing potential
  • Accurate client specific database
  • Existing potential
  • Accurate client specific database
  • Existing potential
  • Jane Melville-Allen, CEO

    Jane is passionate about customer-centric solutions that drive sales and nurture relationships. Before joining Demand Generator in 2013, she was a director of Terabyte Interactive for 13 years, a role that included planning and guiding the online activities of New Zealand’s biggest brands.

    Tim Anderson, MD

    A direct marketing strategist who has always believed that automation is only part of the answer, Tim is the founder of Demand Generator. He can take the credit for designing and fine-tuning the model of engagement that puts our lead generation ahead of the rest.

  • Wayne Deas, Head Of Operations

    Wayne has in-depth knowledge of computer systems and processes, database programming & management, strategic planning and team building;  developed through a solid background in sales, sales management and business development.

    Craig Tillson, Strategic Business Manager

    Craig has had extensive experience in running and managing large sales teams in some highly competitive markets and knows the value of quality leads and what it can do to the ROI of any business.

  • Chris Melville, Strategic Creative

    Chris has a passion for creative planning and execution, with broad experience including pre-press, online, brand, product, exhibition, music and photography media.

    Johannes Rol, Strategic Creative

    An experienced creative designer in print and digital, Johannes is also highly capable in
    brand and campaign management, strategy and the implementation thereof.

companies using demand generator group

  • Ricoh
  • Rheem
  • Assetwise
  • Express Data

Jane Melville-Allen, ceo

We’re using state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best sales scenario – human to human.


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