Email Marketing

Our intuitive email-marketing engine can individualize customers on database of 10 million plus.

The e-mail marketing engine provides real–time visibility of recipients who have shown interest tracking their preferences.

It also provides triggers for automated web forms, surveys, SMS and levels of customer interaction and interest. All of this activity is delivered through the CRM platform providing accurate market intelligence on your customers interest and desires.

Our design team create dynamic emails that grab the recipients attention and stimulate engagement. The flexibility of our system allows your brand to be portrayed, as it should be by ensuring consistency with all your other channel communications.

Our eMarketing Automation solution encompasses three main areas of functionality:

Campaign Tracking – Emails, web visits, page views and form captures is all linked back to CRM database so results are visible and actionable.

Web Tracking – See the actual web activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your website and create triggers to further engage with your customer’s.

Lead Scoring – Track visitor activity based on scoring placed on page importance

Our Email marketing campaigns build digital relationships with your clients creating valuable, personal touches to create trust and credibility with your brands.