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By combining industry leading CRM technology, real time web engagement metrics and human intelligence, Demand Generator identifies quality leads - and a lot of them.

Some organisations have invested huge amounts of time and money into building the customer data in their systems, which can be reported against however, buying signals are missed or at best, poorly understood. 

Demand Generator uses database marketing and responds appropriately depending how the prospect engages with the communication, and the intensity of their interest.

In a recent campaign we achieved a 47% increase in customer engagement resulting in a 29% quarterly sales increase.


HOW CAN we GENERATE LEADS FOR your business?

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So how do we do it?

  • Customised database-driven strategy. Using your database or one sourced by us, we work with you to develop a strategy based on audience needs and the market environment.

  • Finely-tuned communications. On the back of your strategy, our studio develops exceptional creative ideas that spur people into action.

  • CRM agents watching the responses. Our purpose-built technology platform enables us to continually monitor and measure customer responses to communications and media activity.

  • Intelligent contact with customers. When customer activity indicates interest, our CRM agents make contact in a way that nurtures the customer relationship.

  • Tangible results. A continuous stream of qualified, quality leads and relevant customer intelligence sets your sales people up for success.

Measurable benefits:

  • Power up your sales drive without adding more people. Ensure sales people are spending their time on hot prospects, rather than long shots.

  • Extract real value from your database. The time and effort that's been invested in your customer database can now pay dividends.

  • Look after your customers. Our intelligent approach to customer engagement ensures relationships are skillfully nurtured.

  • Guaranteed ROI on your marketing spend. We stand behind the effectiveness of our campaigns. We know our methods work.
  • Sales Star

    SalesStar.com, New Zealand’s leading sales development company that is a highly researched, strategically sales specific in their sales staff development. They currently work with a number of New Zealand’s leading sales organisations to significantly grow their revenues. By having the opportunity to focus on assessing, diagnosing and prescribing solutions they help you to increase your sales performance.

    Demand Generator fits perfectly with their business to provide quality lead generation to SalesStar developed sales teams that know how to close more business. A marriage made in Heaven.

    Get on with the core focus of selling and let them provide quality lead generation"

     Paul O’Donohue



companies using demand generator group

  • Ricoh
  • Rheem
  • Assetwise
  • Express Data

Jane Melville-Allen, ceo

We’re using state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best sales scenario – human to human.


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