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Understanding your customers, the smart way

In our hands, the names on your database are people. They have hopes, fears, opportunities and challenges. Every one of them is somewhere in the buying cycle and our role is to learn more and more about them, what they want, why and when, to the point of purchase.

Marketing has moved into a realm where the most effective communications are one-to-one, rather than one-to-many. As with a good conversation, information goes both ways – you contribute, the customer contributes. The net result is a mutually-beneficial relationship that will last as long as it is nurtured and respected. With our help, your capacity for on-going meaningful customer conversations is virtually unlimited and with it, ever more intelligence about your customers and their preferences.

By listening and providing relevant content, we develop deeper insights into customers wants and needs

  • Who? Identify the potential target markets, segments and influencers.
  • What? Gain insights into organisations, their situations, needs and motivations.
  • Why? To determine the best way to engage and develop relationships.
  • When? Understanding the optimum factors & times in the customer buying cycle.

HOW CAN we GENERATE LEADS FOR your business?

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Asking the questions that matter

  • Using a mix of automated communications and one-to-one engagement, we gain the market intelligence you need to understand Who, What, Why and When a customer is likely to buy. 

  • Know how your products or services fit in
    Get a better understanding of the connection between a customer’s needs and your offering. Find out what drives their needs.

  • Identify decision makers
    Who makes the decisions, and who influences the decision makers?

  • Spot trends as soon as they happen
    Be the first to know when customer opinions shift, in response to marketing campaigns or media activity.

  • Understand the current situation
    Know where the customer is in the buying cycle, and when they’ll require direct engagement with your sales team.

  • Actionable reports
    Receive a continual stream of market intelligence that can help to shape marketing strategy.

Measurable benefits for your business

  • Eliminate guesswork and gain true insight Provide your marketing and sales team with revelations that clarify the way forward.

  • Add depth to your database Everything we discover about a customer is recorded. A richer database opens the door to personalised conversations with your customers.

  • Strengthen the customer connection Our intelligent approach to customer engagement ensures customers view contact as a form of care, rather than an annoyance.

  • Measurable results Our reporting makes it easy to see the value we’ve added to your marketing and sales environment.
  • Sales Star, New Zealand’s leading sales development company that is a highly researched, strategically sales specific in their sales staff development. They currently work with a number of New Zealand’s leading sales organisations to significantly grow their revenues. By having the opportunity to focus on assessing, diagnosing and prescribing solutions they help you to increase your sales performance.

    Demand Generator fits perfectly with their business to provide quality lead generation to SalesStar developed sales teams that know how to close more business. A marriage made in Heaven.

    Get on with the core focus of selling and let them provide quality lead generation"

     Paul O’Donohue



companies using demand generator group

  • Ricoh
  • Rheem
  • Assetwise
  • Express Data

HOW CAN we GENERATE LEADS FOR your business?

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We’re using state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best sales scenario – human to human.


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