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By working with both tried-and-trusted and innovative new marketing tools, Demand Generator reaches customers through a wide reach of touch points.

Through integrating these tools to gather insights about your customers, we provide intelligence into your customers' buying behaviour throughout the sales cycle.


Email Marketing

Our intuitive email-marketing engine provides the ability to create innovative bulk or highly targeted html email campaigns.


It’s all about having meaningful conversations that engage with your customers.


SMS: delivering your message into your customers’ hands — literally.

Channel Integration

Our integrated multi-channel marketing approach can lead to better customer relationships and dramatically improve marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Automation

The art and science of automatically managing the targeting, timing, and content of your outbound marketing messages in response to your prospects’ inbound actions.

Event Marketing

Great events require dynamic marketing that is directly targeted to a specific market. Our technology platform provides the ability to deliver, track and analyse interest in invitations and event announcements, as well as deliver automated event communications and confirmations.

Research and Surveys

Our survey/research platform provides intelligence which is fully integrated into the database and further enhances stored customer insights.

Creative Design and Production

Based on a strong strategic plan our studio creates memorable, exciting communications that motivate and resonate with customers and consumers.

Brand Management

We believe brands are a key strength of any business. We have extensive brand development experience utilizing our proprietary brand development process (Brand DNA).


Retail is Detail. Retail has its own set of unique challenges and it takes more than a simple discount sales offer to stay ahead of your competitors. Our extensive experience and understanding of the operational considerations of retail (the Total Value Supply Chain) will ensure the benefits of any campaign are truly maximised.

Digital Media

The ever-increasing number of channels and channel options — digital, social and mobile — have created exciting opportunities for us to engage with our customers. Through our SMART technology platform, our dedicated team are able to constantly research, analyze and challenge the way we design and deliver messages to ensure we maximise the effectiveness of each of these channels.

Sales Integration

The true potential of any strong campaign only succeeds when there is true marketing and sales integration. Our extensive experience and understanding of the operational intricacies of delivering the “Total Value Supply Chain” ensures that campaign benefits are leveraged effectively.

Web Strategy and Development

Our web strategies and development are based on a clear understanding of your customers’ needs and buying habits. This intelligence is acquired from our real-time tracking and analysis process.

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  • Sales Star, New Zealand’s leading sales development company that is a highly researched, strategically sales specific in their sales staff development. They currently work with a number of New Zealand’s leading sales organisations to significantly grow their revenues. By having the opportunity to focus on assessing, diagnosing and prescribing solutions they help you to increase your sales performance.

    Demand Generator fits perfectly with their business to provide quality lead generation to SalesStar developed sales teams that know how to close more business. A marriage made in Heaven.

    Get on with the core focus of selling and let them provide quality lead generation"

     Paul O’Donohue



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